Ride away the winter blues

Tonight, 7:30- RideandWorkout. 30 minutes of spin, 30 TRX. Let the good feeling we create melt the ice!

One on one

When I first started doing a regular yoga practice, I couldn’t even manage one downward facing dog.. I had so many physical things holding me back. I wish I would have known that I could have spent one on one time with a yoga teacher to show me exactly how to best move my body. I ultimately figured it out, but there was so much unnecessary time and energy wasted. Guesswork and frustration abounded. If you know what I’m talking about and wish you had someone to help you… you do!! Let me help you overcome your fears in getting started, answer your questions or demystify a pose for you!!! Let’s work together.

Summer Fun

As the weather begins to shift, it is so easy to assume that our outdoor busyness will substitute for our workouts. The intensity and focus we get during a workout cannot be replicated. So enjoy the beautiful sun and longer days. Just don’t forget your consistent practice, too!!

No dough? No worries!

This Thursday at 4:30 pm, join me at Nishkama Yoga in Independence for a community yoga class. Have a great hour on your mat for a great price.. free!!

Then Saturday at 4:30-6:30 pm, head over to  Acenda Yoga in Lakewood  for Here Comes the Sun.. A Beginner’s Guide to Sun Salute A! This workshop will break down all the poses in this flow and leave you feeling like a yoga expert! Donation based.

Your truths

Whatever “facts” you think I don’t know about you, my friend…… you are mistaken. I already know all the truths of you. You  are a loving and wonderful person who was suffering. And now you are awake to the truths about you, too. So do not suffer any more. You are amazing. No blame. Just love yourself as much as I do.

Free community classes!

To January……. and beyond! (at Nishkama Yoga)

January at Nishkama Yoga

New Year’s Yoga

New Year’s spin